Employee Intranet Portal

Centralize your business information communications with a company intranet.
Our employee intranet portal allows you to restructure communications across the organization from all departments in one portal with requests for leave allotments, advance salary, travel allowance and much more.

EIP Funtion Interface

Access notices in real time

Our EIP module designed to fit notices & updates on your dashboard itself for easy access in real time.

Leave & pay requests

Simplistic interface to request for leaves and advance pay that directly reaches the concerned authority.

Request travel

Use the Intranet portal to request for official business travel trips, including arranging finances, bookings and leave sanctions.

Register HR complains

Register any complains, suggestions and requests with the HR directly using the Intranet portal.

Experience the EIP advantage

We've configured how to compress the powerful EIP down to the size of an app on your phone, so you'd never miss out on any updates. With push notifications, instant mute options and the ability to reply and read work communications on the app itself, it's the solution set to replace plain text emails.

We've Revolutionized Business Communications

EIP wants to make sure you don't leave your emails at unread, so we've changed the game.




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Experience The EIP Advantage
EIP Interface
Employee Intranet Portal
EIP Quick Email Interface
Experience The EIP

Powerful processing Simple interface

Browed through the powerful customable EIP platform for your business with real-time, access to all aspects of the supply chain internal communications, packed in the extremely simple to use GUI,

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